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Program Management

Managing Your Program and Service is Simple

ANOTHER GREAT THING ABOUT Maestro’s private label personal assistance and concierge programs (besides exceptional marketing benefits and increased customer satisfaction) is they’re so simple to manage, even for larger companies. One option is a secure, customized web-based Control Panel that gives you the ability to manage your personal assistance program quickly and easily.

You can use the Control Panel to:

  • Activate personal assistance and concierge service accounts
  • Change your custom phone greeting and closing message
  • View customer billing and accounts
  • Add employee access
  • Send promotional text messages

Service Account Activation

For your convenience, we offer several ways to activate the personal assistance service for your customers or employees. Once their account number and cell phone number are registered, our system will recognize their Caller ID from that point on.

Web-Based Control Panel: You can activate the service for your customers using the secure Control Panel we can create for your company (see above).

Phone Call: Your customer can call the customized toll-free number assigned to your company program.

Online Customer Portal: They can access a generic landing page where they can sign-up, learn more about the service, and submit personal assistant requests. Maestro can also custom design a web page with your company logo.

VIP Cards: These convenient full-color plastic cards include a customized toll-free number customers can call to activate their accounts. The cards can be designed with your logo, slogan and other company information. Custom card carriers are also available. To learn more, click here.

Database Integration: For large groups of people, our technology team can work with your database administrators to pre-register or auto-activate your customers, employees or organization members at the same time.

Email Invitations: We can provide you with a customized click-though activation link you can integrate with your current emails, newsletters and announcements. We can also design a stand-alone e-mail just for you.

Text Message: Customers can send a text with their account or membership number to a short code. Our system will validate the account number, and send back a welcome text with instructions on how to use the service.

There are so many ways Maestro can benefit your company. No matter what you and your customers need, we’ll work with you to create a program that can help you achieve your specific goals.

Maestro’s private label personal assistance and concierge programs are simple to activate and easy to manage.

Call 888-500-1411 and discover how we can create a specialized program for your company.

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