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Praise from Clients and their Customers

EVERY DAY, WE HEAR enthusiastic praise about different ways our marketing and loyalty programs are helping our clients, and how our personal assistance and concierge service is affecting their customers’ lives. These are just a few of them.

Maestro Marketing and Loyalty Programs:

“Maestro’s Branded Personal Assistance offered a great platform to help connect our bank presidents to our best customers.”

—Bob McElrath, Frandsen Financial Corporation

“Extraco Banks’ internal results using [Maestro] was so strong….”

—Mary Coleman, Extraco Banks

“We are thrilled with the new Maestro/PPAI partnership and are excited about the added value their services will provide our members.”

—Tol Kincaid, PPAI Exposition Manager

“Maestro has generated excitement and a reason to reach out to both new prospects and existing accounts. For new prospects it is easier to ‘get a foot in the door’ with a new unique idea rather than trying to challenge existing relationships. For existing customers, bringing new ideas to the table is how we earn our stripes.”

—Fred S.

“To be able to provide a client with personalized service that not only promotes your company name, but also provides an extremely valuable service to anyone it is presented to, is not found in the industry. This product is one I find would be kept as a gold mine. To have a live person at your fingertips is priceless, especially in this economy. I look forward to offering this product to all my clients. No matter the request, this fits it all!”

—Nikia H.

“The [Maestro] service is second to none! I show it to all my clients and potential clients when I meet with them. It sets me apart from my competitors, because no one else has this service. I am a big fan.”

—Courtney V.

“You are helping us to expand our customer base by integrating this program into the services we offer our customers. Your service is outstanding and my clients are very impressed with the level of information provided in such a swift manner by great operators. Keep up the great work!”

—Ron A.

“We successfully launched our [Maestro program] with one of our largest clients. They thought the idea of an ‘interactive’ service was very unique. We now have an even happier client who not only looks to us for [personal assistant] services, but for other creative marketing solutions as a result of the impact of your program.”

—Greg S.

“I had to express my delight with your product and service. My clients absolutely LOVE the concept, and the customer service from your company is outstanding. My rep is knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. I will continue to show your product with confidence.”

—Jaycee A.

“Your product is cutting edge stuff and a very impressive marketing tool for potential customers. We presented it to our local Chamber of Commerce last fall and called the number to find a florist, and we wanted to specifically find a florist who was a Chamber member in our community. Within just a few minutes they had a list of florists who were all Chamber members. They were so impressed with this. GREAT PRODUCT!”

—Barry A.

“This is a well needed product for this day and age. Maestro has all the technological advantages we all need in this day and age, and then puts the human touch on it. We keep thinking of, and hearing from our clients, about new ways to use the program. It’s great to deal with a company that puts out a quality product and lives by the same strong customer service we have. Keep up the great work.”

—Ed D.

“The best thing about Maestro’s service is how we can pre-program our customers’ names as a temporary greeting. When they listen to THEIR name and THEIR company from a LIVE person, it always elicits a smile and a glance of amazement (‘how did they know it was me?’). Then the assistant answers their question and ends with THEIR tag line. It’s very cool to watch their face as this is happening. Thanks!

—Scott M.

Personal Assistance and Concierge Service:

“This service is fantastic! My job keeps me on the run constantly, so having my own team of assistants on call 24 hours a day is a lifesaver. The assistants handle all the tasks I don’t have time to do, which means I can focus on selling homes.”

—Leslie Esarte, RE/MAX Buyer’s Agent

“I don’t know a soul that can’t use a ‘lifeline’ in their daily life.”

—Peter H.

“The [Maestro] service has been a tremendous help to my business. They’ve done everything from saving me money on travel arrangements to helping me find a great Italian restaurant! Most importantly, the assistants are always courteous, professional, and fast to respond to all of my requests. I feel very confident in recommending it to my business associates and personal friends.”

—Spencer D.

“One night around 2 am my family and I awoke to tornado sirens. Then our power went out.My wife and two young children (ages 6 and 2) were terrified. I grabbed my cell phone and called my [Maestro] personal assistant service. I learned that the tornado warning was about to expire. We were so relieved. Without the service, my family would have spent the night in the basement, terrified, and believing a tornado was about to hit our house. I will always have personal assistant service by my side.

—Joe N.

“I was headed to a weekend retreat in Maryland. I didn’t print directions because I just KNEW I could type the address in the navigation system and it would get me to the hotel. Unfortunately, the navigation system wouldn’t recognize the address. So I decided to call my personal assistant service. They gave me step-by-step directions on how to get to the hotel, which saved me a half-hour trip back to my home to print out the directions. This happened last month and it just reminded me on how great the personal assistant service is.”

—Sharita C.

“One of my clients had driven to his 20 group meeting back when the gas stations were running out of fuel down south. He said he had been to several gas stations using his GPS but they were ALL out of gas. Running on fumes, he called the personal assistant service. Within a matter of minutes they found him a gas station nearby with fuel.”

—Donald B.

“I love my personal assistant service. I called and ask for the closest hotel to the dock in Barcelona, Spain. Not only did my assistant find a 4-star hotel, she got me the best rate, booked the hotel and saved a ton of time and money. Inside the United States and into Europe, [Maestro] is the most professional and efficient assistant service anyone ever needs. Whatever the cost, it is the best deal in the world?”

—Bonnie H.

“I use the service on almost a daily basis. Everything from saving me money each month on getting phones numbers for people or businesses, to setting up reservations at restaurants. It has allowed me more freedom and time to spend on clients and growing my business.

—Randy A.

“Last year I was on the freeway in a rural part of Utah when my car’s temperature suddenly skyrocketed. I was new to the state and when I called 411, they couldn’t help me with the only info I had: the freeway number and the nearest exit number. So I called my [Maestro] personal assistant service. The agent took less than a minute to find a service center within 10 miles. I made it before the engine suffered any permanent damage and was back on the road in a rental within the hour. No exaggeration, [Maestro] saved my car.”

—Rob H.

We currently provide personal assistance service to over a million of our clients’ customers. Now, we can do the same for you.

“Maestro has generated excitement and a reason to reach out to both new prospects and existing accounts.”

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