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Powerful Marketing and Loyalty with a Personal Touch

FOR ALMOST A DECADE, Maestro Personal Assistants has been providing our clients with unique marketing, satisfaction and loyalty programs with a powerful customer incentive: cell phone access to a 24/7 live-agent personal assistance and concierge service—branded in our clients’ names.

Now we can do the same for you. We can constantly add value to your marketing, products and services by promoting your company in a very personal way.

How Maestro Can Help Your Company:

  • Value-added incentive sets you apart
  • Helps attract and reward customers and employees
  • Promotes your company with every call
  • Ideal for all industries, markets and demographics
  • Out-performs other outbound marketing methods
  • No inventory or equipment to install
  • Custom marketing materials available
  • Easy to set up and simple to use

Why Your Customers Will Love It:

  • Provides Anything, Anytime, Anywhere® 24 hours a day
  • Answers questions on any topic (directions, sports stats)
  • Fulfills phone/internet-based tasks (reservations, tickets)
  • Personalized service greets callers by name
  • More convenient than searching on smartphones
  • Includes a branded personal assistance mobile app
  • Global access by phone, text, email and app
  • Service available in English, Spanish and French

Service as Big as Texas

Maestro is proud of the fact that our offices and personnel are based in the U.S. All operations are housed within our world headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Everyone knows everything is bigger in Texas–especially the personal service.

And our global service is growing bigger every day. In fact, we earned a 2012 Dallas 100 Entrepreneur Award honoring the 100 fastest growing companies in North Texas.

Due to the substantial growth of our company, we recently expanded our personal assistance call center to cover the demand. We’re also hiring new assistants and other key personnel to better serve our clients, their customers and/or employees.

Let’s Talk

Find out how we’re changing the way companies in every major industry are engaging and connecting with customers on a daily basis. Contact us today.

Maestro adds value to your products and services by promoting your company in a very personal way.

Call 888-500-1411 and discover how we can create a specialized program for your company.

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