Our History and Future

Our History and Future

Providing Innovative Service for Almost A Decade

IN 2004, DALLAS-BASED entrepreneurs Adam Alfia (far right) and Kfir Alfia co-founded Maestro Personal Assistants as an affordable alternative to expensive 411 calls provided by national cell phone services. The concept quickly evolved into a phone-based personal assistance service for busy executives.

In 2005, Maestro revised its business model. We focused on offering personal assistance and concierge service to companies as branded marketing and loyalty programs. This unique concept was readily accepted by corporations searching for incentives to help them stand apart from competitors and better serve their customers. At that point, we moved into our current corporate headquarters and expanded our national call center.

Today, we are an innovative force in the marketing and personal service arenas ready to help you. Maestro and its industry-centric divisions have won several awards and garnered a solid reputation for helping corporate giants in every field provide a level of exceptional personal service rarely seen these days.

As a result, our Fortune 500 and other prestigious clients are attracting customers, increasing customer satisfaction, building long-term loyalty, and strengthening their overall brand presence.

Expanding Globally To Better Serve Our Clients

Maestro never stops searching for ways to provide even higher levels of exceptional service for our clients. In fact, we recently earned a 2012 Dallas 100 Entrepreneur Award honoring the top 100 fastest growing companies in North Texas. Currently, we are in the process of expanding into Canada. Ultimately, our goal is to offer our branded assistance and concierge service to companies worldwide.

New Technologies. More Opportunities

We’re also constantly developing new ways to benefit our clients through the use of new technologies. For example, Maestro’s development team is expanding the capabilities of our mobile app. New abilities will extend brand exposure by increasing the interaction between our clients and their customers. Through the use of emerging and proprietary technologies, innovative new standard and optional app features will be added soon.

We are providing personal assistance and concierge service to over a million of our client’s customers. Now, we can do the same for you.

Maestro is an innovative force in marketing and personal assistance ready to serve any company.

Call 888-500-1411 and discover how we can create a specialized program for your company.

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